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New Book Chapter Published

One of our Ph.D. students, Pablo Philipe Pessoa, under the advisor of professor Paulo Maciel, recently published a chapter for the book “Contemporary Challenges for Cybersecurity and Data Privacy” an academic research book by IGI Global focused on the current era of digital integration and the growing concern about protecting confidential information against growing cyber threats. The book is a curated collection of research by experts aiming to scrutinize modern cybercrime and misconduct. It addresses the need for innovative countermeasures against cyber threats and offers actionable strategies to fortify the digital realm. The topics covered range from artificial intelligence and blockchain innovations to cyber law, cybercrime, data security, malware detection, phishing attacks, and privacy preservation. The book is a valuable resource for cybersecurity professionals, researchers, developers, and practitioners seeking insights into enhancing digital security and privacy in today’s technology-driven landscape.

Chapter 7 of the book “Contemporary Challenges for Cyber Security and Data Privacy” focuses on methodologies utilizing hardware performance counters (HPCs) to enhance cybersecurity. The chapter emphasizes preventing, detecting, and mitigating cyberattacks to maintain systems and data integrity. It presents various methods and strategies employing HPCs, incorporating advanced techniques from statistics and computing to fortify cybersecurity. Additionally, the chapter advocates for a comprehensive approach involving preventive measures, regular penetration testing, user education, robust security policies, and advanced threat detection techniques to combat evolving cyber threats effectively. While traditional security tools remain crucial, HPCs offer efficient support in dealing with the growing sophistication of cyberattacks.

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New Paper Published

We share that a recent paper has been published in the “Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments”. Master’s student Aline Do Monte developed a study under the advisor of Prof. Paulo Maciel that evaluated the impact of battery charging and discharging times on the availability of mechanical respirators in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The availability of these devices is crucial to ensure optimal patient care in critical situations. We analyzed the system’s behavior in eight scenarios, considering changes to optimize repair times, battery charge and discharge times, and power system redundancy. The results demonstrated a 98% improvement in availability and reduced system downtime. This research contributes to understanding the critical factors that impact the availability of mechanical respirators in the ICU.

By addressing issues related to battery charging and discharging times and maintaining these devices, healthcare facilities can enhance the availability and reliability of respiratory support systems. We aim to improve patient outcomes and promote efficient resource utilization in the ICU.

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