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Mercury Tool


Please select the most suitable release file for your target system below.

Mercury 5.2.1 with JRE for Linux x86
Checksum for: Mercury5.2.1-jre-linux-i586.tar.gz
Algorithm Hash
SHA256 EFE72D0B034E19EE78D482EB5B73040BB8216921B4671DF02F3E1C0874462217
MD5 D92792107DE252BB0F8E7D882F67D31F

Mercury 5.2.1 with JRE for Linux x64
Checksum for: Mercury5.2.1-jre-linux-x64.tar.gz
Algorithm Hash
SHA256 BC4F63728C6F8930E668DE5D8D8A1FF95B9CEAF5C4A51CC7747A2D7592B6ECCD
MD5 8AB9DA9E5C9057E499C0F7F03E0C3E4A

Mercury 5.2.1 with JRE for Windows x86
Checksum for: Mercury5.2.1-jre-windows-i586.zip
Algorithm Hash
SHA256 9DF7D4CF6F8EAB4C696FFE5A35CA6A898822F78F97E35D7E3387FC28B18F0FA3
MD5 28A26B847FD3E2969A452C19BB3EAC5F


Mercury 5.2.1 with JRE for Windows x64
Checksum for: Mercury5.2.1-jre-windows-x64.zip
Algorithm Hash
SHA256 5F31243383DF71A2E2A01C31315C5764EC437B5887A8F042BF34667D5FEF182A
MD5 E2CC31F9B25D27A6BE1738796D88241D


Mercury 5.2.1 without JRE (compatible with all platforms)
Checksum for: Mercury5.2.1-no-jre.zip
Algorithm Hash
SHA256 DEBE551EB784DE910CE5B02CFCD00DD4C0A8E069A72D8AE7732C5B1556B9EA79
MD5 615FFC15E6E55D10BE138A7BDD08CC44


Check out the previous versions of the tool by clicking here.

This tool is free to use for academic purposes only.

To download the tool, if you are not a Mercury user, you must fill out this agreement here with your information. Then, print, sign, scan and send it to prmm at cin dot ufpe dot br

After that, you should receive an email with your download credentials.

Important notes on upgrading

Java 8 (1.8) is the recommended version of Java for running Mercury 5.2.1. Java 9 introduces the Java Platform Module System (JPMS), a new architectural design to which the tool has not yet been ported. We deliver Mercury 5.2.1 with the appropriate Java SE runtime environment (JRE) for Windows and *NIX systems. We also release the tool without the JRE, which is suitable for other environments. If you want to download Mercury without the JRE, you can find the recommended JRE at https://www.oracle.com/at/java/technologies/javase/javase8u211-later-archive-downloads.html (Java SE Runtime Environment 8u321 section).

Due to structural changes in Mercury to support the new enhancements, models created in previous versions of the tool are not compatible with this new version.

»Mercury Scripting Language Cookbook

Minimum Requirements

Mercury is a multi-platform tool that requires the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) 8 (1.8) to run. The tool has been successfully used and tested in Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10), GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), and Mac OS X. We recommend more than 4GB RAM for using the tool properly.

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