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Performance Evaluation for Capacity Planning Project

This project concerns the study of process, methods, and models for performance evaluation and capacity planning analysis of computational systems. Capacity planning is a discipline that involves the study of determining what hardware and software resources and configuration is required to meet application needs. This study aims to help to define some concurrent users the system can support, the acceptable response times for the system, and the hardware and network infrastructure needed to handle those numbers.

It is essential to bear in mind that such a process cannot be thought of as a unique set of procedures, policies, and methods since each particular application have diverse characteristics, demands, and constraints. Capacity planning studies might consider measuring the number of requests a server currently processes as well its utilization degree and actual network bandwidth and using such information on simulation and analytical models for estimating computing resources needed for meeting required quality service levels related to current and future demands. Practical results of this research project have been applied in an organization such as Laboratório de Análise de Performance Centro de Informática-Itautec, Frigorífico São Mateus and LAFEPE.

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