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OpenMADS: An Open Source Tool for Modeling and Analysis of Distributed Systems

OpenMADS Features

OpenMADS has been developed to support both the translate process from SysML diagrams to DSPNs and their evaluation. This tool allows designers, who do not have expertise in formal model, to design and analyze distributed systems on a cloud computing platform.  The designers can use OpenMADS to: (i) design the system infrastructure using SysML diagrams and MARTE annotations, (ii) generate the availability model through the translation process, and (iii) study different distributed system infrastructures. It allows designers, for example, to choose the service infrastructure that fits their budget or satisfies a given Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The Figures below show screenshots of  OpenMADS GUI. The graphical user interface for OpenMADS has been completely written in Java, and therefore, can run in both Unix- and Windows-based environments. It is composed of three main parts: a menu bar (top), drawing area (bottom), and a SysML and MARTE annotation bar or a stochastic Petri Net bar (middle). The upper row of the window contains some menus with commands for file handling, editing, and other model specific commands. A toolbar at the middle contains model elements that are available for the current SysML diagram or stochastic Petri net model. The drawing area at the bottom displays the current model.


Screenshots of  OpenMADS GUI



OpenMADS can be downloaded in http://code.google.com/p/openmads/

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