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Previous tool version Mercury

  • Support for project creation where multiple models of the same formalism can be created in a single file
  • “Duplicate” feature which supports creating copies of models within the same project file
  • Lists of components in left-hand panels sorted alphabetically
  • Open the properties of the components of the CTMC and DTMC models by double-clicking on the left-side panel

  • Bug related to marking-dependent delay in SPN (Use of IF expressions)
  • Bug related to experiment results writing (truncated values) in SPN, CTMC, and DTMC

  • Many improvements in features are related to usability
  • Usability enhancements
  • Scripting language updates

  • Many improvements in features are related to usability
  • A new version of the steady-state SPN simulator
  • A new version of the transient SPN simulator
  • A refined time to absorption analysis is now supported by the SPN simulator
  • Adjustments on markovian analysis
  • COX distributions are promptly supported in the moment-matching, besides the previous distributions already supported
  • Usability enhancements
  • Improvements on RBD and FT GUI
  • Cleaner DTMC, CTMC, and SPN GUI and new adjustments
  • Scripting language updates

Bug fixes in RBD, CTMC, DTMC, FT, and SPN modeling.

Fault Tree model editor. Bug fixes in RBD, CTMC, DTMC, and SPN modeling.

Bug Fixes.

DTMC model editor. Bug fixes in RBD, CTMC, and SPN modeling.

Bug Fixes related to script modeling language.

Bug Fixes related to RBD and CTMC Hierarchy.

Bug Fixes related to RBD and SPN simulation.

Hierarchical modeling:
  • CTMC sub-model in SPN.
Sensitivity analysis for SPN:
  • Percentage difference and DoE Analysis of Variance;
  • Mean time to absorption in SPN;
  • Expressions on CTMC reward rates;
  • RBD solution by simulation;
  • RBD importance indices through simulation;
  • Empirical distribution for transition firing delay in SPN;
  • Distribution fitting for user-provided data;
  • Scripting language updates;

Bug fixes: RBD block editing, SPN analysis experiment, SPN delay definition, graph of experiment results. Improvements on scripting language.

Hierarchical modeling using RBD and CTMC. Sensitivity analysis of CTMC measures. Several improvements on scripting language. Modeling GUI improvements.

Bug fix to use parameters in non-saved CTMC transition rates.

Bug Fix to open CTMC models.

Bug Fixes in Moment Matching tool and SPN simulation.

Structural analysis on SPN. Reward measures on CTMC. Availability and reliability direct input on RBD blocks. Export CTMC models to Mathematica.

Bug fixes, new Icon

Scripting Feature, new probability distribution functions for stochastic simulation, greek letters for CTMC rates, sensitivity analysis and bug fixes.

Bug fixes and sensitivity analysis.

Transient and Steady-State SPN Analysis.

Bug fixes in definitions of SPNs and MC.

Bug fixes in RBD and SPN models.

Internal version – Contains features related to CTMC, EFM, SPN and RBD models.

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