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Open relationships and their advantages

Published on March 8, 2012 by in Events

The advantages of open relationships aren’t always obvious. Moreover, some pros may seem like disadvantages to someone. That’s why all I wrote is just my subjective opinion, mixed with an article from site. The biggest plus is, perhaps, a sense of freedom. Couples are aware of each other’ “adventures” on the side, and the relationship loses one annoying aspect – jealousy. Also, open relationships relieve a person from dependence on his or her partner. You can’t constantly live in fear of something inevitable, so you quickly accept this fear. As soon as you realize that your loved one can simply say goodbye to you at any moment and leave to seek happiness elsewhere – the fear of losing the partner disappears by itself. Of course, open relationships mean a more diverse sexual life. In ordinary relationships, you can’t afford a small affair if you suddenly want it.

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